Over at Eject! Eject! Eject!, Bill Whittle reflects on the state we’re in, following an adroit and roundly deserved Fisking:

We can no longer afford to let this anti-American garbage pass unchallenged. As a kind and secure people, we tend to let a lot of this go under the bridge, but this kind of crap gets more and more traction, and those days I think must come to an end for a while.


America is dying from relentless and unwarranted criticism that is so out of the realm of reason and measure that it is corroding the foundations of society.

I would never, ever want an American history that excluded slavery and the fate of the Indians. But ask a college kid today about American history, and most will tell you it is nothing more than slavery and the Indians.

That has to be fought tooth and nail.

It does indeed.