I’ve got plans for this space, my friends. It’s likely to be a bit longer before hard evidence of that begins to appear on these pages, but I’ve been making gradual but real progress behind the scenes lately on gathering my years of accumulated ideas and notes together into a semi-organized basis from which to work, and I can feel my thoughts and motivation converging … “gel-ing” … synergizing even!

Prompted in part by a recent trip to New York, I’ve made a good start on finally writing an account of my own peripheral but deeply felt experience of September 11th, 2001, and plan to have a finished piece ready to post in time for the fast approaching seventh anniversary of that terrible, clear-skied day. I’ve also managed to extract from NetNewsWire the accumulated flagged web article and blog post links that constitute a virtual paper trail of much of the most noteworthy and relevant reading I’ve done in the years since — material from which I know I’ll want to draw, and to which I’ll want to refer readers, as I delve into various topics. Lastly, though of lesser priority, a site redesign may soon be in the works, so please don’t be alarmed if you come back one day to find that the proprietor has rearranged the familiar furniture. (I promise to keep the Comfy Chair.) Douglas Bowman’s Rounders 4 has served me well and faithfully these past three-plus years since my first post, but I think it may be time to strike out into new and uncharted territory, and try my hand at a creating a custom design of my own that can more closely suit the feel and spirit of the space I’ve wanted to create here.

Blog promises are a risky thing, I know full well, and are surely worth far less than the virtual paper they’re printed on. But on the flip side of that, the prospect of being humiliated by one’s own empty promises has a certain tendency to focus the mind. i.e. Risk acknowledged and deemed worth taking.

Hope to have more for you soon! Management out.