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Month: September 2008 (Page 1 of 5)

Bruce Bawer: Who’s Sleeping More Deeply?

An excellent article by Bruce Bawer, author of “While Europe Slept”, over at PJM:

In the current presidential campaign, only a small portion of the electorate seems to think that the war with jihadist Islam is a major issue. The one candidate who understood best what we’re up against, and who took it most seriously, Rudy Giuliani, was ridiculed across the political spectrum for being obsessed with 9/11 — as if the events of that day had been some kind of fluke or accident that has virtually no meaning for us today.

In depressing numbers, in short, Americans seem not to grasp the lessons of 9/11 — which should hardly be a surprise, considering how many journalists and politicians keep repeating that the terrorists are betraying a great and peaceful religion, that jihad means doing good works, and so on.

Well worth reading in its entirety, as are these earlier pieces by Bawer: An Anatomy of Surrender, and Why We Need More Leaders Like Vaclav Havel

Bill Whittle, on Kidney Stones and the Financial Crisis

Another fine article from Bill, over at NRO. This point in particular resonated with what I’ve been thinking about the whole mess:

So how do we inflict some badly-needed pain on people who need to feel it, without hurting the rest of the good and honest folks who pay their bills responsibility?

Much easier said than done, unfortunately.

There’s a comment thread for the article over at Bill’s place.

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