Following are links to several worthwhile articles on the first anniversary of George W. Bush’s departure from office — most of which appeared as part of a “One Year Gone” collection at Big Hollywood. I’m in agreement regarding the unhinged viciousness with which President Bush was vilified, as well as his accomplishments and faults. Do read at least the first few — they’re well worth it.

“Hope and Change – Miss Bush Yet?” by Pam Meister (especially excellent!)

“America Betrayed President Bush” by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

“President George W. Bush Answered the Calling of Our Time” by Adam Baldwin

“Welcome to the Obama Era of Awesomeness” by Kurt Schlichter (hilarious!)

“George W. Bush…Idiot.” by Leigh Scott

“The Death of Class” by Gary Graham

“The George W. Bush Era In Movies” by Ben Shapiro