Bill announced on Episode 118 of The Stratosphere Lounge last night that he’s made it about halfway to his minimum goal of 1,000 new members in the wake of PJTV’s closing. That’s great news for those of us who love and are continually uplifted and revitalized by Bill’s superb work, and more success than I’d have dared expect in such a short time, but it also means he still needs 500 additional new members to be able to continue the work he does so expertly, and “a bit more than that” to be able to continue to do Trifecta episodes (under the new show name “Right Angle”) with the wonderful Steve Green and Scott Ott.

If the clarity these guys bring to the table means as much to you as it does me, please consider joining or hitting the tipjar at

A sampling of the trio’s latest work (they’re wasting no time getting right to it with new material):