Those who’ve followed my ramblings here for any amount of time know I’m a big fan and supporter of Bill Whittle’s superb work. I credit Bill’s early writing at Eject! Eject! Eject!, and his Silent America essays in particular, with saving me from despair and helping me navigate the dark waters I found myself in post-9/11, and I’ve enthusiastically promoted his work ever since.

With the announcement that PJTV is shutting down production, Bill — whose work on PJTV shows like Trifecta and Afterburner has been his primary source of income — needs our help to continue producing the great content he creates. Memberships at Bill’s site — — start at just $10/month. If he can get about 1,000 former PJTV subscribers to become members at that level, he’ll be able to continue creating the great video content he publishes there, and may even be able to bring Steve Green and Scott Ott over to continue their great work on Trifecta and explore new possibilities. If you’ve enjoyed and been uplifted by Bill’s work anywhere near as much as I have, please consider supporting that work at this key moment for Bill. I’d say we need his articulate insight now more than ever.

Here’s Bill’s announcement on Facebook.

Update: Steve Green, “It’s the End of an Era” (via Instapundit)

Update: Andrew Klavan, “Farewell, PJTV”

Update 2016-04-21: If you prefer hitting Bill’s tipjar to joining with a recurring membership fee (or just want to contribute a little extra), there are “One Time Contribution” links needlessly hiding on the “Platinum” membership page. Consider them as another way to keep Bill’s great work coming!

Update 2016-04-28: Halfway there, halfway to go!