Must-Read Brilliance
Bill Whittle writes and speaks with unsurpassed wit, eloquence, and reason about the American Idea. Don’t miss his “Silent America” essay series, which started it all. Bill does mostly video work these days. I watch his weekly Ustream podcast, “The Stratosphere Lounge”, whenever possible.
Cox & Forkum
Brilliant editorial cartoons and commentary. No longer posting regularly, but their archives are well worth exploring.
James Lileks
Unsettling nostalgia and a rapier wit. Delightful hours can be be passed on his site. Be sure to catch James on the Ricochet Podcast too.
Jihad Watch
Robert Spencer and his co-contributors illuminate the many worrisome manifestations of violent Islamic extremism, and search for hope.
Michael Totten
Top-notch, in-depth independent reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Republic of Georgia.
Michael Yon
Another first-rate independent journalist, well worth reading and supporting.
Prager University
Denis Prager and friends explain foundational American ideas using nicely produced short videos. Not to be missed!
USS Clueless
Steven Den Beste’s is some of the best analysis of the Global War on Terror and the need to fight it that you’ll find anywhere.
Victor Davis Hanson
Sharp thinker, classics scholar, gentleman farmer.

More Top-Notch Blogs

Austin Bay
Iraq veteran, strategic analyst, author, commentator.
Big Hollywood
Andrew Breitbart’s new site by, for, and about Hollywood’s libertarian/conservative minority.
Citizen Warrior
“In the war with Islamic supremacism, every citizen in the free world is on the front lines.”
The Drudge Report
Curator of underreported news. Never a dull front page. All links, all the time!
“The Blogfather”. Real-time commentator and noticer of interesting stuff. Purveyor of a more manageable, smaller-gauge information firehose. Drink up!
Johan Norberg
Young defender of free markets and globalization.
A psychologist-by-training thoughtfully examines events of the day, and her own process of pre- and post-9/11 change. Her fine example inspired me to take up blogging.
Pajamas Media
Bloggers pioneering an alternative to conventional news outlets. (Now with PJTV!)
Stephen Green imbibes for our pleasure, or so he claims. His incisive podcast and blog commentary and snarky tweets are magically delicious, but you may find the need to pour your own libations.
Intrepid photojournalist illuminating contemporary domestic radicalism.

But Wait, There’s More!

Capitalist Chicks
Women redefining the face of capitalism.
The Cato Institute
A think tank for freedom lovers.
Declaration Entertainment
Bill Whittle’s bold fledgling venture: Making movies that celebrate America.
Home of the brilliant Arnold Kling.
Gateway Pundit
News from the front.
Independent Women’s Forum
Classical-liberal feminism online.
Institute for the Study of War
Dedicated to providing under-reported information and analysis of current conflicts and global security threats.
An introduction to Libertarian thought, courtesy of the Cato Institute.
The Ludwig von Mises Institute
“Advancing the scholarship of liberty in the tradition of the Austrian School.”
The Mont Pelerin Society
Working for liberty since Hayek’s time.
Soldiers’ Angels
Looking after those who risk all for us.
Spirit of America
Helping soldiers do good works in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa.
The Volokh Conspiracy
Law and Liberty.

Great Podcasts

The Classicist
Observations and profound insights from the one and only Victor Davis Hanson, a classics scholar and central valley farmer in drought-plagued California. on iTunes on iTunes
Pioneering Today
Lessons in self-reliance and getting back to our pioneer roots, made with fun and enthusiasm by Melissa K. Norris. on iTunes on iTunes
The Andrew Klavan Show
With brilliantly hilarious satire, Klavan skillfully skewers a world gone mad. on iTunes on iTunes
Lively, fun, and insightful, with regulars and guests including James Lileks, Peter Robinson, Rob Long, Mark Steyn, and Jonah Goldberg, this podcast is one I look forward to every week! on iTunes on iTunes
Radio Prague
an English-language broadcast from the heart of the Czech Republicon iTunes on iTunes
Uncommon Knowledge
Peter Robinson’s interviews with an always-interesting lineup of center-right guests. on iTunes iTunes audioon iTunes iTunes video

Great Podcasts of Yore

Shire Network News
Sadly, this brilliantly irreverent podcast has shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible. In her time, she stood up for the Anglosphere with verve, grace, and, most of all, irrepressible humor. She will be greatly missed, and it’s up to each of us to take up the mantle of her unfinished work, defending the West in every way we can. Thankfully, “dead” is really only “undead” in this digital age of ours. Plumb the archives of this clever, informative, amusing podcast for zombie hordes of laughs and insight that crave your sweet, sweet brains.on iTunes on iTunes
R.I.P. Glenn and Helen Show
Instapundit, Dr. Helen, and an always-interesting series of guests and regulars discussed recent news and other topics. Now, find Glenn’s “Instavision” show on PJTV.on iTunes on iTunes
R.I.P. Penn Radio 2006-2007
freedom, skepticism, and Monkey Tuesday! Penn moved on to do a “Penn Says” video podcast, and now has a new audio podcast called “Penn’s Sunday School”. I veer more agnostic vs. Penn’s hardcore atheist perspective, but I love Penn’s style, humor, and original thinking.

Twitter Friends’ Blogs

Don’t Let Me Stop You
Non-ninja libertarian conservative chemistry PhD @DanDraney (“brilliant, funny, charming, but proudest of his humility”) and co-blogger @RyneMcClaren reflect on events of the day.
Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Podcaster, chiropractor & mom @MelissaTweets writes passionately & insightfully on the news and politics of the day.
Flaming Dumbass
@ConservativeLA will leave you laughing yours off. Through the tears.
Rustles & Glimmers
@EauPureEtClaire’s “Musings on Possible Change of all Kinds”
Tales From the Terminal
@Jen_Niffer shares her delightfully contagious enthusiasm for stairs trucks and all things aviation.
A Johnny Reb in a Yankee World
Veteran and law student @JohnJ2427 “Bearing witness to the end of America because someone has to do it.”
@FullMtlPatriot pulls no punches in defense of Liberty.

Current & Recent Reading

Survive Smart
Jack Abner
Defending Identity
Natan Sharansky
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The Decline and Fall of California
Victor Davis Hanson
Fear No Evil
Natan Sharansky
The Starfish and the Spider
Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom
Black List
Brad Thor
The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture
David Mamet
Man Is Wolf to Man: Surviving the Gulag
Janusz Bardach and Kathleen Gleeson
They Must Be Stopped
Brigitte Gabriel
Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand
America Alone
Mark Steyn
The Road to Serfdom
F.A. Hayek
The Unknown Warriors
Nicholas Pringle
An Innocent at Polebrook: A Memoir of an 8th Air Force Bombardier
Charles N. Stevens
The Dangerous Book for Boys
Conn and Hal Iggulden