Web-essayist extraordinaire Bill Whittle is back and in top form, with a new piece entitled “Tribes”!** Bill’s is some of the best work I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of reading this past year (and quite possibly ever). If you haven’t experienced a Bill Whittle tour de force before, I highly recommend you pay a visit to his site.

Bill’s latest piece has left me reflecting on how fortunate I am to have lived most of my life within the artificial sanctuary of the flock. The attacks of 9/11 awakened the sleeping sheep dog in me, and I humbly hope to make myself useful in that capacity.

* UPDATE 2009-09-08: Sadly, “Tribes” appears to have been a casualty of Bill’s move to pajamasmedia.com. I’ve updated the above link to point to where the essay should be — and, I hold out hope, will be someday — but for now the text of it is missing in action, and can only be found in the Second (print) Edition of Bill’s excellent “Silent America” essay collection (which I can’t possibly recommend highly enough).

** UPDATE 2009-10-13: “Tribes” is back online!